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Industrial Equipment

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Our expertise at your service.

GfP SA, a recognized specialist in high-level access. We are leaders in the study, design, manufacturing, and installation of industrial safety solutions for high-altitude work and other custom structures.

Founded in 2006, GfP SA provides suitable solutions to construction companies and industries based on the work to be performed.

Our Expertise

Nacelle BMU sur mesure sur rail déployée

Excellence in Custom Nacelles

We are experts in the design and manufacturing of custom nacelles, ensuring height access solutions tailored to your specific needs.

At the forefront of creating custom Building Maintenance Units, we combine safety and efficiency for high-altitude maintenance.

We specialize in the installation of glass facades, frame facades, and curtain walls, blending modern aesthetics with functionality.

At GfP SA, our tailored expertise is dedicated to your success.

Solutions for High-Altitude Work

Our expertise shines in providing comprehensive solutions for professionals in the construction and maintenance industry requiring high-altitude work. Our team of highly skilled technicians excels in rope work (suspended work), offering an efficient and cost-effective approach to meet your needs. With a strong focus on safety and quality, we streamline every aspect of high-altitude projects, ensuring reliable and professional results.

Travailleur en hauteur attaché à un Anchor Point
Structures métalliques et ingenierie sur mesure

Industrial Engineering and Metal Structures

We have full control over the manufacturing of metal structures thanks to our network of industrial partners and our dedicated engineering office. Together, we define your needs for custom projects.

We are experts in rail paths for nacelles and metal frameworks, managing both manufacturing and assembly. Our commitment to quality ensures outstanding results.

Equipment Rental for Access

In Luxembourg, we offer the widest range of access equipment, including motorized suspended platforms, mast platforms, personnel lifts, hoists, and battery-powered vacuum lifters for glass facade installation.

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Expertise in Height Safety 🛡️
With our experience since 2006, we are experts in height safety for work at elevated levels.

Industry Reference 🥇 We provide top-quality safety solutions for construction companies and industries.

Custom Design 🏗️
We design and manufacture tailored industrial solutions to meet your specific needs.

Trusted Partner 🤝
We are the trusted partner for all your construction projects, providing tailored solutions.

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